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Le Cecil Hotel se situe dans le quartier de Downtown à Los Angeles, en Californie. Il fut construit en 1924 par William Banks Hanner sur 14 étages, et possédait 700 chambres. Cependant, la crise des années 30 n'aida en rien les affaires de l'hôtel. Effectivement, il devient un lieu de passage peu fréquentable Elisa Lam, 21, was a college student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Lam headed on a West coast trip alone on January 26, 2013, via an Amtrak train from San Diego to Santa Cruz,.. Full surveillance video of 21-year-old Elisa Lam, the Canadian woman found dead in the rooftop water tank of the Cecil Hotel. Video provided by the LAPD Using Amtrack and buses to travel, Lam went to San Diego and visited the Sam Diego Zoo. She then travelled to L.A. where, on January 26, Lam checked into the infamous Cecil Hotel. Originally, Lam was assigned a shared room, but, following complaints from Lam's roommates about strange behavior, was moved to a solo unit. Disappearance of Elisa Lam KTLA Rescuers try to remove Elisa Lam's body from the water tank on the rooftop of the Cecil Hotel. On Feb. 19, two weeks after the video was published by authorities, maintenance worker Santiago Lopez found Elisa Lam's dead body floating in one of the hotel water tanks

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Elisa Lam, 21, was found dead in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in February 2013 New details of Elisa Lam's mysterious death at The Cecil Hotel in 2013 have emerged, including how a.. Il fut un temps, le Cecil Hotel était un endroit prestigieux garni de 700 chambres réparties sur 14 étages, mais il s'est peu à peu décomposé. Cela, Lam n'en savait probablement rien. L'hôtel Cecil à Los Angeles - Jim Winstead via Wikimedia Creative Commons. Elisa Lam, une étudiante canadienne partie début 2013 en vadrouille sur la côte ouest américaine, a fini par échouer dans.. En février 2013, le corps d'Elisa Lam, une jeune étudiante de 21 ans qui avait disparu deux semaines auparavant, fut retrouvé dans un réservoir à eau sur le toit de l'hôtel Cecil, à Los Angeles

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Elisa Lam: Inside the creepy curse of LA's Hotel Cecil

Le Cecil Hotel (renommé Stay on Main depuis 2013) est un hôtel américain, situé dans le quartier de Downtown Los Angeles en Californie Elisa Lam est une jeune femme de 21 ans, fille d'un immigrant hongkongais. Suite à quelques déboires scolaires, elle décide de partir pour un voyage solitaire sur la côte californienne, aux Etats-unis. Sur sa page Tumblr, Elisa raconte son projet de passer par les villes de San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz et San Fransisco. C'est ainsi qu'elle arrive le 26 janvier 2013 au Cecil.

The Death Of Elisa Lam: The Full Story Of This Chilling

The Cecil Hotel and Elisa Lam. Despite the many other deaths that occurred in the hotel, none captured the attention of the public quite as much as that of Elisa Lam's. In 2013 the naked body of 21-year-old Elisa Lam was located in a water tank on top of the Cecil Hotel's roof. Her body was located after maintenance were instructed to check out the water system following a number of. Le Cecil Hotel, origine du mal L'hôtel est construit en 1924, dans le quartier Downtown Los Angeles, aux USA donc. Érigé par l'entrepreneur hôtelier William Banks Hanner, son architecture provient de l'artiste Loy Lester Smith On 31 January 2013, Canadian student Elisa Lam was last seen alive by an employee of the Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles. Lam disappeared on that day, and she remained missing for several weeks after.

But in 2011, the Cecil attempted to shake off its macabre history by rebranding itself as the Stay On Main Hotel and Hostel, a $75-per-night budget hotel for tourists. Several years later, New York City developers signed a 99-year lease and began gut-renovating the building to include an upscale boutique hotel and hundreds of fully furnished micro-units in keeping with the surging co-living craze Elisa Lam devait résider quatre nuits au Cecil et y arriva le 31 janvier 2013. Sur la plateforme Tumblr, elle laissa, peu après son arrivée à Los Angeles, le commentaire suivant : Il fut construit en 1928, d'où le thème art-déco. Donc oui, c'est un endroit classe, mais comme il se trouve à L.A., naturellement, il a mal vieilli. Je suis. Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old tourist from Vancouver, was traveling down the West Coast in late 2013 via train and bus, checking into the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on January 26. She went.

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  1. The exterior of Stay on Main/the Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles. In January of 2013, Elisa Lam, whose Cantonese name was Lam Ho Yi (藍可兒), was 21 years old. She was been born in Vancouver, British Columbia on April 30, 1991. She had attended the University of British Columbia, although she wasn't at that time enrolled for the spring semester
  2. When Elisa was in San Diego, she went to the San Diego Zoo. It appeared that she was having a great time. When Elisa arrived in Los Angeles on the 26th of January, she checked in to the Cecil Hotel. Her family were worried about her traveling alone and they asked her to call home every day to let them know where she was and what she was doing
  3. A few months ago, we reported on the incredibly creepy and gruesome case of Elisa Lam, a Canadian tourist who was found in a water tank at the top of the infamous Cecil Hotel, a hotel well known to have housed two serial killers and a myriad of strange deaths and suicides

Water tank of Cecil Hotel where Elisa Lam's body was found floating naked. While checking the tank, the cleaning staff found one naked human body floating on water. After reviewing the body, they came to know that the body belongs to Elisa Lam. Here's What Makes The Elisa Lam Case An Unsolved Mystery: The police had conducted a massive investigation flawlessly but failed to prove how Elisa. On February 19, 2013, a Canadian tourist, who was visiting California, Elisa Lam was found dead in a Water Tank of the Cecil hotel in LA County. The hotel guests used the water that was contaminated by her decayed body to take a shower or to drink. It was reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that about 4,500 people have been infected by TB during this period On February 15, 2013, after two weeks of the disappearance of Elisa Lam, the LAPD (Los Angles Police Department) released one surveillance video from the hotel, The Cecil. This surveillance video went viral on the internet and drew worldwide attention to this missing case of Elisa Lam

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This is a list of deaths, violence and other suspicious activity associated with the Cecil Hotel. On February 19, 2013, the naked body of Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian student, was found inside one of the water supply tanks on the hotel roof. She had gone missing almost three weeks earlier, on January 31, 2013. Her decomposing body was discovered by a maintenance worker in one of the. The last known footage of Elisa Lam is a four-minute video recorded by a security camera in an elevator of the Cecil Hotel. The LAPD would make this video available to the public. It is both bizarre and unsettling to watch, not least because of Lam's strange behavior

What Happened to Elisa Lam, Found Dead in Water Tank on

Elisa Lam's grisly discovery enthralled the world as millions watched as she was pulled from the water reserves atop the Cecil Hotel. Her death has stumped investigators and armchair sleuths alike. The Cecil Hotel's ominous history has caused many to wonder whether the building itself had something to do with her death On 19th February 2013, Elisa Lam was discovered in a water tank at the top of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. Most of her clothes and possessions were floating around her lifeless, naked body. She had been missing since 31st January. The cause of death was ruled accidental. A truly horrific and very real case that while should not be trivialized, is fascinating and deserves looking at While police searched for Elisa Lam, guests at the Cecil Hotel began to complain about low water pressure. Water from faucets was brown or black, and had an unusual taste. On February 19, they discovered Elisa Lam's body, inside one of the four 1,000 gallon tanks that provided water to guest rooms, a kitchen, and a coffee shop. The tank had to be drained and cut open in order to remove Elisa.

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  1. Le Cecil Hotel a été construit par William Banks Hanner en 1924, avec l'idée de créer un écrin art déco qui accueillerait touristes et hommes d'affaires. 100 millions de dollars sont investis dans..
  2. Elisa was due to check out of the Cecil Hotel that day, a location notorious for murders, suicides and paranormal activity. Katie Orphan, a manager of a nearby bookstore, was one of the last.
  3. The Cecil Hotel is a hotel in downtown Los Angeles. It opened in 1927. It is in a poorer part of the city, and many deaths and violent acts have happened there. For example, the dead body of a Canadian student, Elisa Lam, was found on the hotel roof in 2013
  4. By the 1970s, in fact, the Cecil was known as Suicide Hotel. But Elisa Lam didn't realize that, or didn't care. She checked into the Cecil Hotel with two women that she'd apparently just met, and..
  5. The latest unsolved Cecil Hotel's mystery of Elisa Lam. As scary as it sounds, it's all in the long past now. Except for the recent 2013 viral case - the death of Elisa Lam. Her story brings the creepiness of Cecil Hotel to a whole new level. A body of Canadian - Chinese tourist 21-year-old Elisa Lam was discovered in a water tank at the hotel rooftop after guests complained of foul.
  6. De plus, lorsqu'Elisa Lam s'est rendue sur le toit de l'immeuble, aucune alarme ne s'est déclenchée, alors que ces dernières étaient en état de fonctionnement. A noter que le Cecil Hotel est tristement célèbre pour avoir abrité des serials killers et avoir été le théâtre de nombreux drames
  7. In 2013, 21 year old Canadian Elisa Lam was found dead in L.A'.s Cecil Hotel's rooftop water tank. Her death had gone unnoticed for weeks, during which time hotel guests had bathed in, brushed their teeth with, and drank from the water tank which held her decomposing body

Cecil Hotel. Médiatisation. Après sa publication sur internet le 14 février 2013, la dernière vidéo d'Elisa Lam devient virale, intriguant certains internautes qui cherchent alors à résoudre l'énigme de ses derniers instants. Son comportement étrange est ainsi sujet à de nombreuses interprétations, allant des troubles bipolaires. The case of Elisa Lam is one of them. In February 2013, this 21-year-old student from Vancouver, Canada, was found dead inside the Cecil Hotel's rooftop water tank in Los Angeles. The L.A. County Department of Coroner ruled the death accidental due to drowning and said no traces of drugs or alcohol were found during the autopsy. However, there is much more to the story than what is. The hotel is also known as the inspiration for Barton Fink. It was also the inspiration for American Horror Story season 5, Hotel. It was the setting for The NoSleep Podcast season 3 episode, The Cecil Hotel, which adapted a horror fiction short story loosely based on the death of Elisa Lam that took place in the hotel in 2013

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  1. Tag: Elisa Lam. Découvrez l'histoire du Cecil Hotel, l'hôtel le plus hanté de Los Angeles. À PROPOS. Depuis plus de 10 ans, le Daily Geek Show se caractérise par la qualité de ses contenus et de ses choix éditoriaux. Avec ses millions de visiteurs mensuels, notre média réunit l'une des communautés les plus curieuses, passionnées et engagées de France. SUIVEZ NOUS. À Propos.
  2. In the year since her death, no further information is known about Elisa Lam's demise. The Cecil Hotel recently tried to rid itself of its dark and gory past by changing its name to the Stay on Main, but unfortunately no name chance is going to wash away the blood-soaked past of one of America's most cursed and haunted hotels. If you're thinking about spending the night you might want to.
  3. Feb 25, 2020 - Explore Marc Font's board Cecil hotel on Pinterest. See more ideas about cecil, hotel, los angeles hotels
  4. En 2013, Elisa Lam, une étudiante de 21 ans, a été retrouvée morte et nue dans un réservoir d'eau sur le toit de l'hôtel Cecil. [1] Ses vêtements ont été retrouvés à proximité. La sinistre découverte a été faite après que les invités se soient plaints de la faible pression de l'eau. Le coroner a déclaré la mort de Lam comme.
  5. Like Elisa Lam, Elizabeth Short hopped on a train from San Diego and landed in Los Angeles In pursuit of a Hollywood career at an early age of twenty-two, she landed on the doorsteps of 'the boulevard of broken dreams.' Traveling alone as well, Elizabeth Short disappeared soon after arriving. Some people say they last spotted her in the Cecil Hotel. Although, others say she was seen at.

L'incroyable disparition du Cecil Hôtel - Maison Hanté

  1. New details of Elisa Lam's mysterious death at The Cecil Hotel in 2013 have emerged, including how a police dog found a trace of her scent at a window leading onto a fire escape after her naked.
  2. The Cecil's haunted legacy goes all the way back to The Great Depression. Opening in 1924, it was only a few years before the Depression filled the hotel with transients, and suicides on the regular. You can listen to the Ghost Town Podcast episode on the Cecil Hotel here. Let's check out 5 chilling facts about the Cecil Hotel
  3. Cecil Hotel est associé à diverses affaires peu reluisantes et l'affaire Elisa Lam est sans aucun doute la plus célèbre d'entre elle. En février 2013, la jeune canadienne d'origin
  4. gly strange behavior of once-missing tourist Elisa Lam paired with the discovery of her body Tuesday.

What Happened to Elisa Lam at The Cecil Hotel

The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California is most commonly known for the death, violence and overall strange activity it seems to attract. Since it was built in 1924, 16 deaths have occurred on the grounds of the Cecil. Of these deaths, the one that sticks out the most to me is the death of Elisa Lam. Elisa Lam was a 21-year-old college student taking a solo trip to visit California. She. The hotel video showed Elisa Lam in one of its elevators on the date of her disappearance acting rather strangely. In the pixelated footage, Lam can be seen stepping into the elevator and pushing all the floor buttons. She steps in and out of the elevator, poking her head out sideways toward the hotel's hallways in between. She peers out of the elevator another few times before stepping out.

He was charged for the murder, but later, his name was cleared. This was the last widely reported death at the hotel until the body of Elisa Lam was discovered in 2013. 5 George Gianinni. One of the strangest deaths at the Cecil Hotel was that of 65-year-old George Gianinni. In 1962, 27-year-old Pauline Otton was arguing with her estranged. À l'hiver 2013, Elisa Lam, étudiante universitaire de Vancouver, décide de faire ce que bien des jeunes de son âge font: partir faire le tour de côte ouest américaine. Elle prend soin de décrire son voyage via de courts textes publiés quotidiennement sur Tumblr et Twitter. Lors de son passage à Los Angeles, elle séjourne au lugubre Cecil Hotel, connu pour avoir hébergé des tueurs. With Sal LaBarbera, Hadley Meares, Joan Renner, Frank C. Girardot. Not long after the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles opened in 1924, a guest committed suicide in one of its rooms, beginning a decades-long string of murders, suicides or otherwise unexplained deaths on the property. Is it a mere coincidence or is there an underlying force that ties together the spooky, sinister incidents

Un parcours qui l'amena naturellement dans la Cité des Anges à la fin du mois de janvier. Elisa pose alors ses bagages au Cecil Hotel, un établissement de style Art déco disposant de 700 chambres.. Elisa Lam se présente donc au Cecil Hotel le 28 janvier, où on lui assigne d'abord une chambre partagée au cinquième étage, mais à ce moment-là elle se trouvait déjà à Los Angeles depuis deux jours. Sur Tumblr, elle avait d'ailleurs décrit son arrivée à « Laland » et commenté l'architecture de certains immeubles de son quartier qui lui rappelaient le style de Gaudí et l. Lam, 21, of Vancouver, was found dead on Feb. 19 by a Cecil Hotel worker checking on water pressure complaints. Lam was last seen alive in the Cecil Hotel's lobby three weeks earlier. The L.A... She was bright and a thinker, Her last post referred to a building be on crack as in massive because it's LA. On January 26, 2013 Elisa Lam, a 21 year old Canadian Tourist from Vancouver checked into the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. Her body was found naked and floating in a water tank on the roof of the hotel on February 19, 2013

As it turns out, the timeframe during which Elisa Lam was staying at the Cecil coincided with a severe tuberculosis outbreak on Skid Row and in most of the downtown area surrounding the hotel. The strange part is the TB test being used in the area was the Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay, called the LAM-ELISA for short On February 2013, twenty-one-year-old Elisa Lam who had been staying at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles went missing for two weeks. Later the hotel guests started complaining about a foul taste in the water and guess what they found out? Elisa Lam was found naked and dead inside a covered water tank at the said Hotel on February 19, 2013 The character who dies in the U.S. version is named Cecilia - Elisa Lam died at the Cecil hotel. The movies (Japanese/U.S. both heavily focus on the roof, and elevator) - The news story of Elisa Lam similarly focus on both the elevator, and roof The article concerns the history of the Cecil Hotel L.A, and poses the question: are all of the 600 rooms cursed? While much is made of the stays of serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterwege (which I'll address shortly), and a few other unpleasant incidents, the main focus of the piece is the death Elisa Lam, a 21 Canadian student, in early 2013

Hotel Cecil outside Skid Row was former home to serial killers Richard Ramirez Elisa Lam: Hotel guests drank water contaminated by Canadian tourist's body for three weeks. e-mail; Most watched. A photocopy showing Elisa Lam of Vancouver is displayed at a street memorial across the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013. Lam, a Canadian tourist, who was last seen last month Elisa Lam, also known as Lam Ho Yi, vanished under mysterious circumstances while inside the Cecil Hotel. Her death was ruled a drowning, but many believe something else occurred on the rooftop that day. The Elisa Lam Horror at the Cecil Hotel episode is called The Girl in the Water Tank The body of 21-year-old Canadian Elisa Lam had apparently been lying in the tank at the Cecil Hotel for a full 18 days, while guests continued to drink the water in blissful ignorance of what was.. Whether or not Elisa knew of the Cecil Hotel's dark past is unknown, although judging by her blog posts (Lam began blogging exclusively on Tumblr during the last few months of her life), she appeared unaware. She most likely chose the hotel for cheap accommodation

Elisa Lam Death: the Dark History of LA's Cecil Hotel

The curse of the Cecil Hotel: Looking back at Elisa Lam's

  1. 2013 : La disparition d'Elisa Lam. Cette étudiante de 21 ans a été retrouvée morte dans l'un des réservoirs d'eau de l'hôtel situés sur le toit du Cecil. La dernière fois qu'elle a été.
  2. Elisa Lam was 21-year-old Canadian when she disappeared in late January 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Cecil Hotel's maintenance crew found the body of Canadian student inside a water tower after guests complained the watercolor and taste.the events that drove Elisa Lam to her death and the ones after the deat
  3. MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Elisa Lam Elisa Lam was found dead on the roof of the Cecil Hotel. But it was the strange footage of her mysterious actions in an elevator that have led to wild speculation online. What happened in that elevator
  4. Her trip involved stops in San Diego, Los Angeles and Santa Cruz. Embarking on her trip in January of 2013, Elisa visited San Diego and then went to Los Angeles where she had booked a three day stay in the notorious Cecil Hotel, at that time known as the Stay on Main Street
  5. The reputation of the Cecil Hotel, however, had been established long before the death of Elisa Lam. Opening its doors to the public in 1927, the Cecil began its life as a business hotel, but was hit hard by the Great Depression in the 1930s. As the downtown area gradually decayed around it, the hotel lost its original market and was never able to fully recover. To date, it has been the site.
  6. The police doing the investigation seemed to focus on the notorious Skid Row Cecil Hotel rather than the victim Elisa Lam. Elisa Lam a young energetic Canadian college student in her 20's was found dead in the Hotel Cecil Hotel's water tower. The case is a suspicious case when you add the fact that an outbreak of TB (Tuberculosis) Its what Doc Holiday died of and that was portrayed in the.
  7. Canadian tourist Elisa Lam is supposed to check out of the Cecil Hotel and leave for Santa Cruz but vanishes without a trace. After not hearing from her, the parents of 21-year-old Elisa report her missing. The hotel guests start to complain about low water pressure and an odd smell. Two weeks later, on February 19 th, Elisa's dead body is discovered, nude and floating inside one of the.

Elisa Lam is the name of a young woman whose corpse was found in a water tank above The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California in 2013. Droits d'auteur: Writer(s): Skynd, Father, Christopher Arnot Gray tells us about Elisa Lam, a college student who was on a solo trip to Los Angeles when she was found dead in one of the Cecil Hotel's rooftop water tanks. (Really makes you think twice about drinking hotel tap water, doesn't it? There isn't a theatrical picture about The Cecil or Elisa Lam. But there was supposed to be. In early 2014 it was announced that a film titled The Bringing that loosely revolved around the death of Elisa Lam at the famed hotel would be produced by Sony Pictures. However, by 2016, the project was kiboshed Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian tourist (from Vancouver) in Los Angeles, went missing. She was a student at the University of British Columbia. She had checked into the hotel on January 26th. En février 2013, une histoire pour le moins étrange est arrivée à Elisa Lam, âgée de 21 ans cette année là. Elle a été retrouvée morte, son corps flottant dans le mini-château d'eau situé sur les toits de l'hôtel Cecil Hotel de Los Angeles. Un hôtel à la réputation glauque depuis des années, (il a d'ailleurs inspiré la saison 5 de American Horror Story : Hotel). Elisa a.

Lam traveled solo, and utilized city buses and Amtrak for transportation. Elisa Lam, center. On January 26th, Lam arrived in L.A. and checked into The Cecil Hotel, an infamous hotel located near Skid Row. The Cecil Hotel (now renamed Stay On Main) was originally opened in 1927 with 700 guest rooms; it now has 600 guest rooms In January 2013, Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old Canadian tourist who was staying at the Cecil Hotel, went missing. Nearly three weeks passed before the young woman's nude body was found floating in a water tank on the building's roof. Disturbingly, a maintenance worker discovered Lam's corpse because he was investigating complaints from guests at the hotel who had reported poor water pressure. Negligence Lawsuit Dismissed After Downtown LA Hotel Water Tank Death Elisa Lam died in 2013 after climbing into a rooftop water tank. By City News Service • Published December 14, 2015. The Cecil Hotel. The Cecil hotel is perhaps one of the most haunted hotels in the entire United States, and one of the most famous as well. With an abundant and dark history of violence, suicide, and mystery, it's since become a massive hotspot for paranormal activity over the years - and there's no denying that there are many spirits who call the hotel home Elisa Lam was, apparently Bipolar, and was on 4 different medications, which some people believe to be the cause of her odd behaviour in the elevator footage. Another theory was, that the odd behaviour she was exhibiting in the elevator footage was her talking to a ghost. Some believe this to be the ghost of Richard Ramirez, who used to live in the Cecil hotel from 1984 to 1985. The main.


Lam checked into the Cecil Hotel, a modest budget hotel located just a few blocks from the infamous downtrodden Skid Row area of Los Angeles. At this point, things were already taking a turn for the spooky, as Lam was originally intended to share a room with others, but was moved to her own room when the roommates complained of her certain odd behavior L' Hôtel Cecil dans le centre de Los Angeles (640 S. Main Street) est un hôtel économique avec 600 chambres (à l'origine 700). Construit en 1927, l'hôtel était destiné aux voyageurs d'affaires, mais dans les années 1950, il a acquis une réputation de résidence pour les voyageurs de passage La jeune femme Elisa Lam disparaît lors de son séjour au Cecil Hotel. Pour en savoir plus, ne manquez pas La malédiction du Cecil Hotel, ce soir dès 20h

Elisa Lam is the most recent victim of the Cecil Hotel. The story of her mysterious disappearance on January 31, 2013 and the unexplained circumstances of her death contribute to a visceral cloud of horror haunt the Cecil to this day. Before she goes missing, Elisa is seen acting very strangely in the elevator of the Cecil Hotel. An elevator video recording released by the LAPD on Feb 13th. [Image via Wikipedia] Elisa Lam body discovered in water tank. A Modern Mystery. Perhaps the most compelling story of the Cecil Hotel is also one of the most recent. In January of 2013, 21-year-old Canadian college student Elisa Lam traveled to the Los Angeles area and checked into the hotel on January 26 th. By the beginning of February, she.

The story is based on the macabre history of L.A.'s Cecil Hotel. The latest incident involves Elisa Lam, a woman who was found dead in a water tank on the hotel's roof. Security footage captures her behaving strangely in a hotel elevator, and the story follows a man investigating her death On Feb. 19, Lam's body was found floating face-up, naked, inside one of the hotel's four water tanks located on the roof. The autopsy report listed her death as accidental. The autopsy report. La mort d'Elisa Lam est l'une des plus récentes tragédies survenues dans l'hôtel. L'étudiante canadienne a séjourné au Cecil en 2013. Quelques semaines plus tard, son corps a été retrouvé. The Cecil Hotel has a dark history. (AFP pic) Some people say this claim was made up by the hotel staff to make it seem Lam was mentally unsound. Anyway, she got a room to herself and she would.

Another famous resident of the Cecil Hotel was Elisa Lam, who was captured on the hotel cameras behaving strangely, and later died in a water tank on top of the hotel, she was seen on the video talking and hiding from someone, even though no one was there. She was found in a water tank, when guests reported the water tasting strange, the death was ruled an accident, but some people believe she. tags: elisa lam, stay on main, the cecil hotel. 9 comments: LucyLane 15 August 2016 at 07:00. Just a theory, if foul play was involved, quetiapine works as a sedative, if a person was to know her or have studied her prior to the act, they could have used her prescription drugs to sedate her and cause her to drown. All speculation, but I did notice that the coroner/mortician did state that the.

Elisa Lam: The Mystery Case | BizarrepediaElisa Lam | Thinking Sideways PodcastWhat Happened to Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel in Los
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